Thoughts, ideas, to directives

16 October, 2022

A ‘Matta’ is an idea or simply a thought which needs work before something can be done with it.

‘Matta’ is also material which can be worked on.

Once a thought is written down here, it can start to have a life of its own: It can be worked on by the collective, i.e. people can add their ideas to it, or a team can work on it so that it can be expanded into something viable, physical, that it can be turned into one or more Taskas.

It can start off as a simple local ‘Hang up a sign for ABC’, or be something more of a global character such as ‘Create a register of meditation places’, or even be a complicated high level ‘start an initiative for XYZ.

Collecting ideas

If you have something which you think is important for us - our work, our services or how we can improve the world - then please send it to: