Frequently Asked Questions

By Support | 16 October, 2022


Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about atlantis°

1. General

Has altantis° got anything to do with the metaverse?

Not directly. One of the atlantis° concepts is that of the Coverse a world which is orientated towards getting people physically together - opposite of that of the metaverse where you can just be online and don’t need to go out anymore.

What’s the circle at the end of atlantis°?

It is the ‘deg’ or degree symbol. It represents ‘consciousness’ .

Is atlantis° a religion?

No, it is not a religion.

There are already user groups and organisations wanting to change the world. What’s so special about atlantis°?

atlantis° originated from the need to 1. shift peoples awareness that there is another reality around us, to 2. to accelerate societies change. It builds on old concepts repackaged and several new ones. It is orientated towards a technological society. It provides a platform to bring people together, to try out new ways of living together and creating social change.

2. HIstory

Does atlantis° have anything to do with the old atlantis?


Where does the concept of atlantis° come from?

From the founder i°An (Ian Williams) in 2022.