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Google Adsense for Newbies


This book tells you how you can create a massive auto-pilot income using Googles’s Adsense program.

On its over 100 pages, it contains a plan on how you can do it, with no experience in e-commerce or online advertising.

It explains:

  • How you can get Google to stream ads onto your website for free.
  • How Google AdSense ads are specially selected to match your site’s topic.
  • How you earn money every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the ads.
  • The difference between putting ads where they’ll be seen on your site and where they’ll be overlooked, making a difference in a click-through rate of 2.3% versus 40%.
  • How you can get killer content for your site that you don’t have to write yourself.
  • How you can use a few simple tools to direct massive amounts of traffic to your site.
  • How you can automate your content, yet avoid being blacklisted by the major search engines for doing so.
  • The secrets of keyword-rich content: What it means, what it does, how to get it.
  • How you can figure out which keywords will bring you the most money.
  • and lots more

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